August 24, 2010

Hemmm.. (thinking).. So many to talk about and more to research before getting into my opinion. It was about the recent year's Miss Universe Pageant which happened last night here in my time (Pacific Daylight Time) and the other night about the hostage happened. Then came the second wall news in Facebook from White House account (as it has been stated there), about US Vice-President Biden news about Recovery Act.

As I opened my computer lately in the morning, I was stunned by this news. It was not actually in my mind and neither heard from close someone or even not that close (stranger, maybe) that Miss Universe 2010 pageant was last night. I was busy with my other priority and besides watching that long live competition is not one of the priorities last night though I like to. It could be in a rank of "come what may" . :-) Aright, the title seems it is just the beginning way of getting into connection huh! I was not motivated to write my thoughts lately about the events and still not currently. Ha! ;-) Okay, it is an expression of how my thoughts turned out. And am happy about it. I was doing some research about one of the top five contestant, the 4th runner-up Miss Universe 2010, who is Miss Philippines-Universe -- Miss Venus Raj. One of the hot controversial person currently as why she is in the 4th runner-up. She actually garnered the third place in swimsuit and one of the top rated online. As mostly said, it is on the question and answer portion which from my point of view, did not answer the question logically. Ooh well, what if she did not have biggest mistake yet? Aww.. to be in safe, I will just smile. :-) For me, it is not about the "major, major" word because Miss Australia also had more than the "major" thing word and again, I guess the substance of the question. So that is it. I will share to you the next post the video link soon that scenario should you like. Thanks to yahoo news by the way, for it is the first one to which I knew it was Miss Universe 2010 last night and to all the source through Google search box (though it takes much of my time with it, but that is just the way how it is or else I am just like some there which did not read and directly jump into conclusion. As must as I like to have a fair judgment). ;-)

By the way, it was Miss Mexico crowned as the Miss Universe 2010 in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. And 1st runner-up was Ms. Jamaica, 2nd runner-up was Miss Australia, 3rd runner-up was Miss Ukraine and 4th runner-up was Miss Philippines.


  1. analou said...
    Yes Baje I read a lot of comments in facebook about the answer of Miss Philippines in the question and answer portion. Many people criticized of her answer but it is easy for them to say bad words against her but sila kaha naa sa katayoan niya dili ba kaha sila kulbaan. Haaaayyy mga tawo jud grabe kong magtamay wala naman sa lugar.
    Cacai M. said...
    Lagi oi, pasalamat nlng nga nakatungtong. On the other hand, pasagdan nlng og i-ignore kung dli moangay sa komentaryo ky naa mn pod sila right of speech. Hopefully lang dli mo-beyond nga it will turn to hatred or alike. :)
    kat said...
    oks lang yang major, major Cai, at Least kung may bad news sa Pinas, pina good naman ni Venus...being on the top 5 is grabe na ang dating...proud nako ana...hehe
    Cacai M. said...
    korek Te Kat, how many years na pod bya nga wla nka-tungtong sa magic 15 or 5. ;-)

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