June 27, 2010

There maybe all of us has a journey when we think how ignorant we were as looking back of those time, yes, it happens mostly when we were immature or in our younger years. And that is not bad, it is just the way it is. Just like believing some superstitious beliefs but that is just a ploy from parents to give to their young child, perhaps just to get their belief and love for their parents. Or it might be because their child were talkative enough and cannot get any words to say. I, too has my share, yes, a lot of memories which I thought it was as like that but the truth is that is not.
Okay, I saw a tree with a-thought-carving of it on its body and yes, I thought it was really carved by human or by nature. Unknowingly it was just a garden decorations, a tree decoration. Is not that I was naive? I love gardening and my folks can attest to that. And which I also like decorating my garden way back when I was still in my hometown. But that was without much knowingly of modern garden decors. If only I knew and I have a lot of money for my garden fund, I could also had then a Tinkerbell key hider just like that of the right image. Ooh well, a garden journey and some innocent mind. :)

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Have a summer time!

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  1. analou said...
    I love garden decoration and I am thinking of buying maybe a small bird house...Kumusta ka pala baje. How was your weekend?

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