May 28, 2010

Smokeless cigarette, is there really is it? How could that be a cigarette without smoke? Yes, cigarette smokers and trying-hard cigarette quitters have now choices. How? E-cig it! E-cigarette, did you knew this modern cigarette? Yep, you could see in a bar (or individual cigarette smokers personal) seems like a small "plastic hose" way of cigarette smoking so the smoke coming from a cigarette won't transfer to the public, you will have to swallow it unto your body or it is how the process is, yes, it is a cool way but the habit of putting the cigarette unto a hand is not there anymore. Other way? You might like to try electronic cigarette. As to what I know it looks like a cigarette, taste like it is, you can put it unto your hand and puffs as you want but no smoke coming out. Also lesser nicotine and other stuffs like that. Now, there is already smokeless cigarette. You bet! ;-)


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