May 30, 2010

Get into the road with the Human Machine Interface (HMI) system which has been said, is a powerful, intuitive, digital command center, operated by two toggles on the steering wheel. Ford Mondeo , fully express Ford's new "kinetic design" empowers luxurious drive to get into your destination more enjoyable, safe and sound. More so, it is delivered through high levels of refinement, craftsmanship and premium driving dynamics which boosts your confidence in driving. So go and get the one that surely impresses you, your family, friends and everyone.

This post is brought to you by Ford Mondeo. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. analou said...
    Hope hubby will buy me this one ko baje no? Anyway, how are you been doing lately baje. Geeee I have a headache right now but still blogging here...This is a sign of super addicted to blogging bisan nagping-it nas kasakit blog lang gihapon
    Hi! I'm Grace said...
    How I wish I can afford to buy myself that Ford... or maybe someday I can... who knows, di ba? (he-he-he)

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