April 14, 2010

You can never say, women do not like to shop because as to my own opinion, women are made for it. It could be shopping for groceries, household stuffs, and other family things. It could also be needs and wants but basically it is for the needs especially if the pocket budget is just enough for the basic ones. Nowadays, most stores are into modern receipt printer or for the sake of easy and accurate print, perhaps the other stuffs to consider like ink and such (if it is economical), it is a more on a must for them or else a store is in a low pace and some things are uncoordinated because their receipt printer is not good or it is outdated. Busy days of buying like Christmas and occasions like that, need a fast transaction. And what will a cashier can do if he/she has no good receipt printer for the transaction? Is it a kind of hassle for both store and customer? What do you think?


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