March 25, 2010

I have a laptop to which its battery is attach until now. It has been nearly two years (will turn two years old of last week next month) that it was attached in here but it only seldom I use it. I rely to the power of electricity, yes I always connect my laptop to an outlet whenever I am in a computer. That is because I do not want to always keep on chasing the battery indicator if it is about time to charge the battery. Whenever I forgot and just ignore the red buzz that its about to turned-off because I have something important doing, then it will be a hassle then because it will go into slow mode and I have to charge the battery again. :) Well, there are batteries that are cool and has long lasting memory and power so it is not that a problem, it is the money to buy for it. Heheheh.. well, what is a laptop for then by the way. :) So then, I would just like to save the money to those battery that will be dead directly into quality and rechargeable one. With it, its battery life span is enough or guaranteed long life. Also it is important when having a travel so your travel memories will not be put in a bad time because of the dead battery. :)


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