February 04, 2010


  1. emie said...
    I am really looking forward to learn how to drive sis, am getting a job pretty soon. I just had my interview and working interview/or demonstration and the director sound so positive to me. The little problem that I see is on getting home every 6pm since they are telling me my possible schedules. Hmmmm not that dark though but mahadlok kog taxi lol or bus. Its like 5 minutes drive away from home kung baklayun 15 to 20 cguro lol. mau sa pinas naay motor but dili sad ko kabalo gani bisag mag bika hahaha so pathetic gyud. Anyways trying to catch u up in yahoo.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hehehe.. good luck to you sis.. am happy at the same time.. muahhh!

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