February 13, 2010

Do you have door bell in your home? How important is it to you? We have our door bell in our apartment rented and perhaps all of the apartments and houses here have unless if it is broken or need a repair. For me, door bell is important especially if you have a big house and the door is far from the center of the house to which peeps stay and could hear the knock of the visitor. Also, if you are busy with something and even little sound you cannot hear because you are concentrating seriously on the work you do. Because of the big buzzing sound of the doorbell button peeps in the house could recognize it and he/she knows that someone is in the door perhaps a visitor or just someone that you have a business with. Whether you have a big or only small family, doorbell is important in the house.


  1. analou said...
    Yes doorbell is very important. bad thing about our doorbell is it doesn't work sometimes. We missed some of our packages to be delivered while we were at home because our doorbell failed to ring. Haaayyyy guba man gud oi.

    Musta na baje? Ako dane still very, very busy and exhausted too.
    Dhemz said...
    sos pagka busy kaau sa life dire woi..daghan man kaau ug opps...maau paka madam sis da...ehehhe!

    woi musta man ang inyong valentine's day celebration? looking forward to see the photos!

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