January 23, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

For some, a house is not a home. Even if how many people live in the house, a family or some, how many kids you have.. yet, the house couldn't be called a home (for some). Why? This is a deep thought actually, it's a matter of emotion and the importance why it is called a home. Basically, when a house don't have people living, that is a house but when there are people (or perhaps only one person) living and comfortable with it, then it is called a home. Now, there's this question even if the house with people with it still can't be called a home, that is because each other aren't comfortable living in such. They always argue each other, stuffs like these and that.. But whatever it is, I do believe that if a house has refrigerator water, that would definitely need a constant change of refrigerator water filter. Okay, I could say every family has its own struggles on its family journey. Arguments are always there but see to it that it won't last long, so the house would definitely be called a home. Oops, are you confuse? Don't be, okay? A house could be a home and could also be not but a house is a house and a home is home. :-)

Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy at your home... :-)


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