January 19, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I do not remember I encounter this skin disease or even seen eczema in personal. It was only after researching it during our science project way back high school days but you know when it's only a theory, mostly it differs on the actual experience. Oops I am glad I don't have and haven't seen this skin disease on actuality. I had my share of skin disease when I was a child and have scars, but I don't think I had this disease nor my family's history has but now one of my family circle's child has, for sure it is not heredity. And I don't want to dig-in what's really the cause, the fact that the child has medication, his parents take good care of him, and it is improving --- that's all that matters.

As far as I can imagine and after seeing different images, this is more than hives and it is reddish in color, swelling in lumpsum in any part of the body, mostly in arms, legs, and face for infants. I do not really know what's the cause of this "thingy". Thanks to the scientists and doctors that this skin disease could be treated. I just remember that I heard one infant have this and how the child suffers such. Horrible but science can prove that they have treatment. If only you could see how the picture look, but anyway, those are severe so it looks so gross. The family circle's child has but only mild and he has to take medicine every now and then, taken cared of by his mother. Poor child after he was born he has it. The good thing is the health condition is improving. If you have it, then see for a doctor and take good care diligently until it will be cured.


  1. analou said...
    Maygane wala ko dani nga ski disease. But believe me I have a share of other skin disease which I will be posted one of this day. Maygane kay the baby is in medication now. Kalooy pod gamay para ang bata Baje. Musta na diha?
    Cacai M. said...
    oizzt.. am okay dre baje, ginhawa gyapon kalooy sa Ginoo.. heheh.. lagi maayo gani ky wla ta ani bah.. looy bitaw, lain tan-awon maskin sa webcam ra mi nagkita, pula2x ya face og arms, not all mn nuon pero mahino'ngan jud.. and I don't know what's the cause based on doctor's view.. and I don't want to dig-in either.. the important is the parents take good care of him. looy lang nuon but that's life, dba? :-(

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