January 16, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I remember about my grandmother long time ago as she was still here on earth (deceased now) that most of the time she can't sleep and often she woke up very early. Since I was just teenage that time, I just ignored it since I just thought it's normal because she used to woke up normally early but the "can't sleep" issue is different because why in the earth she can't sleep when other people in the house already asleep?

Remembering about it, made me think that if only I know the foods she has to eat and perhaps organic sleep pills to take on so she had the good night sleep, I had done it. I hate to think that she suffers a lot when she was on her old age, perhaps a normal hormonal change? Ahhh.. whatever it is, I miss my grandma (step grandmother who raised me up)---the loud voice and the ever lovable one. I missed her so, if only she was still here.. :-(


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