December 31, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Winter has come along, it is also means snow time. Who doesn't love indulging yourself in the snow mountain, playing, sliding, and making snow man? Perhaps there are few doesn't but with ski vacations, I doubt it.. It would be fun if equipped with accessories and stuffs for the event or vacation. I can't help thinking of having one though my partner isn't fond of cold places like that but I am still hoping and wishing.. lol.. Would you like to go with me and convince my dearie? Alright, that would be a tough one but who knows one day.. I am also afraid a little though. Low self-esteem is killing me sometimes especially when thinking about having cough and cold. Well, I guess that's the thrill of having one. Just be prepared and take extra precautions. It's snow playing time!


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