December 05, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Yes, I will try to cook biko (sweetened glutinous/sticky rice) tomorrow or on the next day (Sunday -- Pacific Standard Time) since I have my complete ingredients here in the house stashed. It will be my first time then to cook it. The first I cook biko was last Christmas. I only cook 1 cup glutinous/sticky rice and divide it into two for the sweet recipe and the other one is for the salted w/ ginger. I could say it's not that good. It was fluffy or should I say "watery", it isn't the one that I wanted it to be. I got the recipe wrong. Experts said that the way how to cook the glutinous rice should not be like the normal rice. The water should be lesser than the amount of glutinous. I will try the recipe that I discovered. Actually there are two recipes of which I have to select which one I will try. Sure, I have to make sure that if not perfect at least close to perfect so the ingredients will not turn waste. It's not that easy but I have to study and think more. I am a trying-hard cook you know.. I research a lot, spent a lot of time watching video, and think hard so it will turn out good (if not best). I wanted to give the recipes that I have to select one of them but I made a decision that I will just reveal it after I cooked. For now, I just wanted to put in a journal that there are two types of cooking it: cooking the glutinous rice first (like the normal rice) before it will be mixed to the other ingredients, and the other one is just simply put it altogether with the other ingredients without cooking the glutinous/sticky rice first. I understand that the water measurement varies. Anyway, I don't want to give the recipe without me cooking it first. I know some wants risk but not me. Hmm.. watch-out if it will turn okay or what recipe I have to get. :-) I guess I will just cook the rice first and just adjust the water since it's kinda like that cooking style I did the first time I did. It will be easier for me. Hmm.. okay, I have to stop now. We'll see the result if I can master my kitchen journey on how to cook Biko with my own research. (~_~)


  1. hopeful said...
    Hello sis Cai, pagbiko na kay mangayo nya daun ko. Lami raba ng biko, samot na butangan ug calamansi.

    Ingna nya ko humana ka himo sis ha?

    Hala sige adto nko sis ky ngita pko ipares ana imong biko...hehehe
    shydub said...
    Panghatag nya karya ug biko ha, sus kalami ana parisan ug hot choco.
    Lulu said...
    na gusto ko putomaya hehehe

    i like dukot sa biko! lol
    Bill said...
    Wow sounds yummy my friend. I hope you are having a great holiday season. Take care .
    maxivelasco said...
    waaahh! kainggit! i want some, too. huhu. i really miss eating biko with hot chocolate as partner. yum! wala akong ingredients dito eh. penge nalang ako sa iyo. hihi.

    hugs 'cai!

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