December 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Wooohoo! It's been about one year already that this blog is on. I can't believe it! Time flies so fast and it seems there's nothing so much I brag about.. lol.. just kidding.. am just not narcissist.. lol.. Okay, so much about that. Yep, about month only and this will be one year old. I got an email yesterday from Google apps reminding me about some renewal stuff and I was happy about the reminder though it was in my spam inbox. I was glad I open my spam or else it was sent into a bin after emptying it directly which I does usually after checking the title. Ooh well, it's just that some expects that perhaps it will go to your spam, and so because I am a good follower -- I didn't eat it like a spam canned goods. (~_~)

Okay, that's all diary.. let me remind before January 13 huh. Have a good day!


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