November 20, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

cup cake, chocolate cake, donuts, and ice cream

Ooh yummy Friday! It's Friday once again. Time for Food Trip! Here's my food trip last night. Seeing the label, it's cup cake, chocolate cake, donuts, and ice cream. I don't know but it just came to my mind last night that my taste wants donuts and nothing else. And hubby said nope instead we will buy anything from other store since it's already close, hours passed after exchanging ideas and either he will go out (~_~).. we got the idea of just any sweet bread and my fave ice cream in 7/11. So we went out but minutes after the car ran, he smiled and I just smiled too. Then I found the direction didn't went to the agreed store but the donuts store (which is faraway). Then a big grin came unto my face. :-) But unfortunately the donuts store was closed already (that was about 10 pm), then we just then headed to 7/11 and voila! There's donuts there! So we got the foods above, just for me.. (~_~). By the way, he ate something we have in the house too.

Have a happy food trip!


  1. FoodTripFriday said...
    I'll take the cupcake, then you can have the rest :)
    shydub said...
    Ohhh yeah really yummy jd karya, paghatag dw dha.
    Ayu said... yummy, that's really good to spend the week end with... enjoy ur week end then.
    Cecile said...
    would like to have them all, kaya lang bawal sa akin eh, diabetic kasi ako :-(; panghatag na lang sa akong gamay na ulitawo :-)!
    Dhemz said...
    agoy kalami aning imong sweets....I'll take the ice ta ug ice cream....nahurot naman jud akong banana split....bahala ug tugnaw ice cream!
    Anne said...
    agoy paborito ever kini.... kalami man tawon ani la, naglway manko tagae ko.
    Clarissa said...
    I would first grab the haggen dazs ice cream--I love the cookies n cream flavor!!

    Thanks for dropping by,Cacai!!^_^

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