October 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Is it doing good? Does it needs to change your refrigerator water filters yet? Well then, if you have an ice maker or a water dispenser, you need to change it regularly. If not, then you will suffer from a dirty stuff out of it. Eeeww?! Anyway, that's your refrigerator so it is up to you. hehehe.. Ooh well, just some kind of chitchat folks. This is just a friendly and an unsolicited reminder. Am sure you guys there has an scheduled maintenance note. So, that's great! This is just some part of my refrigerator diary.. you know.. (~_~). Well, Hemmm.. Let us see.. I hope you guys have a good day for checking out your household stuff and note {and me too.. (~_~)}. Again, just a friendly and an unsolicited reminder perhaps you forgot. (~_~)


  1. Lulu said...
    na was mi ingani nga style nga ref... amo ref panahon pa ni kupong kupong ni
    Joro Livelihood said...
    looks good

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