October 28, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It was two weeks ago when I felt like eating young coconut meat but then I saw only a can of coconut strips at the storage. It was not intended for fruit salad but for the cassava cake but since I did not have some other ingredients for the cassava cake and I liked to eat with the young coconut strips , I just grabbed then the young coconut strings in a can and strained. I also strained the fruit salad so the juice and the fruits separate each other. Then as I thought that there's no watery stuffs, I mixed the coconut strings to the fruit cocktail. I don't have nestle cream and I didn't even like to put milk on it since the young coconut strings are sweet. The nestle cream is the other ingredient that I didn't have this fruit salad journey. (~_~) What I did was I put some little amount of water and strained to get rid of the sweetness. And that's it, after strained, done! And the above image is the result. (~_~) Well, this is the other recipe of fruit salad with my initiative.. :-) My other fruit salad recipe is here . Happy eating! (~_~)


  1. shydub said...
    Kalami ba sa imung kinabuhi karya oi sge ra mn ug kaon ug mga lamian dha sa inyo. Nindot jd ning walay baktin pa sa, makalaag anywhere and eat everywhere. Naglaway ko sa imu fruit salad karya.
    S-H-Y said...
    WOW sarap nmn ng fruit salad mo :P...
    Dhemz said...
    agoy maghimo pod tawon ko....sos lami kaayo ni pag presko ang butong...lami jud tong salad nato sa pinas sa?

    woi, cai pag apil sa network blogs...mayna lang added traffic from facebook....hehehe

    salamat tuod sa paglabay...bag-o lang ko nakauli from skul.

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