October 28, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Have you seen the sparks of the diamonds above folks? Would you wish to be in a journey of your mate at the altar to vow your love in front of the people and in God with that right image(ring)? Would you dare to give your mate a diamond on special occasions? he he he! heehaw.. Calling all the soon-to-be married, do you have already diamonds in there? :-) Anyway, am just kidding.. It's the sparks of love that counts. But hey, this is all about its brilliance.. so anyone could see the brilliance of the diamonds above, isn't it? Diamonds are one of a kind. Such an expensive stuff. Diamonds are forever.


  1. GAGAY said...
    ate cai! how are u na? missin' u much!!!hope to hear from u!

    GAGAY said...
    te cai, got a tag for you here ! keep rockin'!!!
    hopeful said...
    Wow Diamond! Naay para ako diha sis Cai?

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