October 01, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Most women likes to shop. Traditionally, it is her basic rule in the family or at least to herself and for her behalf. In some cases, husbands do the shopping for the house stuffs for some reason, and I respect that. But that's not an exemption to save money huh? (~_~) Men, use coupons to save money! (~_~)

I was taught to use coupons to save money to live better. And I use to do it for buying goods or stuffs. And I use it until now. Why not? (~_~) Anyway, we all know that the basic need of individual is grocery - foods and drinks. Would you like to use grocery coupons to save you money especially this time that economy is experiencing a recession? If so, you need grocery coupons like Vons coupons for your grocery activity. But if you feel that you have more than enough, then better give it to the ones that needs it. And I guess that's what you have in mine. Hey, using coupons are awesome! Don't hesitate to grab one for you. You will never know that you already saves a lot. So then, enjoy chasing coupons for grocery or online. Have a good day and enjoy shopping with savings!


  1. GIOVANNI "John" FANCUBIT said...
    love you site cai.. visit mine.added u already.
    David said...
    I have been using coupons since I got here... I have saved hundreds of dollars already...
    Analou and Bones said...
    Hello Baje. I haven't tried to use coupons when I was in the Phil. I first experienced using it here in the US and I like this idea. It saves us a lot of money. My hubby is the one who first introduce me to use coupons. Kasi daw every penny here in the US is very important and I agree to that. Mahirap na kasi ang buhay and I just hope the money we sent to our loved ones will not be wasted of nonsense things kasi we are working so hard here (ika nga and luha nako ug akong singot nag-abot jud). Hope they realize that. We use coupons nga to save money and hope they will do the same. Asa naman ni nag-abot akong comment oi. Cge lang ha.

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