September 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Ooh yeah, time really flies so fast. Today(Sept.22, 2009) is the first day of Fall Season or Autumn here in United States of America. I wonder when other countries first day of this season is. Autumn and Spring are two of my favorite season of the year. I am just excited since days or weeks from now, leaves of the trees will turn to be colorful. Some starts to change its color already as what I have seen currently in our surroundings. I reminisce the photo I have in my PC, below(taken a year ago):

Happy Autumn folks! Enjoy watching the colorful trees and its falling leaves.. (~_~)


  1. Anne said...
    Wow! looks good lola, kanindot sad ana oi naka experience namo hehehe! ako rainy man la dire sa pinas...agoy... hahah! wla sa category.
    Secondary Roads said...
    Autumn is my favorite time of year. The harvest is coming in. The air is cooler, but the earth retains summer's warmth. I love it.
    santhy said...
    Autum is lovely. In here (Netherlands), Autum start on September 21.
    Chie Wilks said...
    wohhh..nice kaau ang view ay....i would love to see the leaves of th trees turning orange or red..maau mo diha sis kay naa moy in-ana ngari wa jud..bagyo jud mi diri kay panahon na sa tag-ulan diri sa pinas..
    dhemz said...
    love the pic madam sis..abi nako ug this year ni nga photo kay wala pa man dire ang mga dahon nag change sa color....

    love the scenery pag fall season...pero I hate it at the same time kay ang pag rake sa mga dahon lagi dayon ang akong d ganahan tawon...pastilan daghan raba me kahoy...hehehhe!

    tugnaw na diay diha? sos dire nga init paman tawon..pero ngitngit na ang palibot pag 7-8....:)

    agi ko dire madam sis...wara wara sako ha...mwah
    chubskulit said...
    Oh no, I am dreading the winter times.. Kumusta na madam sis?

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    Hears content said...
    Na-landing man nuon ko ani nga post CAi, hehehe. Sayo diay tuod Autumn last year nu? Medyo late karon nga year kay sa October man gasugod sa amoa diria.

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