September 26, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


Do you know someone who just recovered from addiction(alcohol, drug) ? Or perhaps you are one of them? Are you shy to find a friend, mate, or a partner in life after what you have done in your life? The answer is here, RecoveryDate is your place. Do not be shy because you are already in new beginning of your life. Members, are just like you--have been recovered from addiction who are now sober and clean.

People like you deserves the best in relationship. Do not hesitate to express your views and dreams in life. Put sensible and honest thoughts from within just like the other members views. You never know your mate is just behind your sweet smile after completing your profile data. You wouldn't know you will find him/her in no time. Just be honest and sincere and everything will be in place. Once again, you may like to visit RecoveryDate for that.

Many sober people(male and female) are true to their intentions and that you can find it in there. Register and begin your search now. Membership is FREE. Keep the love burning!

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  1. dating website said...
    I think the choice really depends on the person. One part of me feels like I have to be the one to fish through emails and look at profiles and go on a dating website that I choose because no one knows me better than I do. But another part of me would prefer an expert to match me up with someone and possibly eliminate those people I will not connect with. Maybe someday I will try both to see which works better.

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