July 25, 2009

Have you seen the search bar I put above the recent post of this blog? For now, it's above of this post and days come by or perhaps later of this day one post will come over and still it's in there. Did you know what's the purpose of this? I know you pro bloggers know but to newbies and do no know yet, for me, search bar is very helpful in blogs either it's for world wide web or intended only for the blog you are in but mostly it has these two(www or search in here). And I find it very helpful especially if you're looking something like memes, awards, and tags received which you like to put in your post already and of course to the post as well that you like to see and read it again and you do not know where can be found on the blog. The easy way? -- is to find it through the search bar. All you have to do is type the post and memes, awards, or tags title and hit the enter key of your keyboard or click the search button after the blank bar which is inside the small rectangular shape box and there you go.. you will then be redirected to what you like to search. It's as simple and as hard as that? --Nope! it's pretty simple. So from now on, you might like to use it this way or you(co-bloggers) might like to put search bar on your blog. And if you like to read and see again my previous posts, you might like to use the search bar or if you want the little harder way--scroll down the scroll bar and click the older posts and if you're already there and want to go back the previous posts, you might like to click previous posts text at the posts footer or just click the back button on your browser. And also you can see it through my labels and archives which is located at the right side of this blog. Have fun browsing! (~_~)


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