May 07, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

The weather today is hot and humid. This starts two days ago until now but before these days, it also came 3 weeks ag0 for three consecutive days that made up my lips dry and had my sore. I was then sick that time too because of that hot weather. It's not this normal for the spring season as what I know. It's still not summer but we then have this already. Yesterday I mistakenly dressed-up with long sleeves ended up into because I don't have time anymore to changed it for I will be then late at school. I said to my seatmate at school that if only I knew that it will be that hot then I will dressed-up like it was but then it's not that out-of-weather clothes because am not only the one who wore like what I had and still spring and windy then after wards, so not so shame... heheh... but ohhh the wind is hot too! huhuhuh. I guess this will be going be hot on the next days over so I will prepare my summer clothes already... weeeee... And am not concern about my dry lips because I always have in my bag or purse my lip shiner or lip balm to get rid of cracking. You should bring too folks for lip protection especially nowadays. I will then check the weather website after this in order for me to plan ahead the clothes I wear and so forth. It's better to know ahead folks! By the way, I had a lesson learned from my hubby and classmate that if you have sore in your gum or wherever it is inside your mouth ("lo-as") in Pilipino dialect in Philippines), gargle mouth rinse and put salt in the desired sore area or eat something salty. I hope it works for you folks because it worked for me.


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