March 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Before we just get a mail from the post office, and telegram and it needs days and even weeks and months when it's far especially if it's international to come or handed to you and read the message of it. Now, we're lucky 'coz it's just a span of minutes or snap of fingers after you wrote from an email through computer and there it sends to the person you wish to read it and at the same you can read the letters emailed to you in just a very short time. How
technology develops causes more advantage to us. Yeah, in every things and story there is always a pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages), what I can see now is more on advantages. You just have to be more careful and care the technologies being invented so it won't screwed your life, isn't it? Yep? of course.. (~_~) This is just a piece of thankful to the persons who invented such, that I am here writing in front of the pc, can vent whatever I have in mind and shares a lot. Making friendships here in the blogosphere and through some social websites. Some have already incomes through online business or businesses, lots called this as internet marketing. I can grasp ideas while reading interesting and informative articles , online dictionaries , encyclopedia , online school or distance learning , arts , bonding long-lost friends through chatting, sharing photograph s or pictures to family, research, emarketing , eshopping , singing and listening to music, even shorten our time in doing works or chores, and a lot! I am proud I live this time that technologies are present. heheheh. We just use it rightfully and legally. So guys have fun browsing , blogging, chatting , and researching !

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  1. ☆Willa☆ said...
    Off topic comment:
    Now i know what you mean with your blog update, I added your link to my blogspot blog and yes, your update says 5 weeks ago, I hope you find out what's wrong with it.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Willa, yeah this should in the other post, heheh.. you reshuffled it but that's okey. I appreciate of your kind thought my friend. God bless you more!
    umeko said...
    hai cacai.. how are u??
    nice topic.. I love to read
    i added your link to my blog.. hope do same
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello Umeko, thanks for coming-by here again my friend. Sure! I'll add yours and get by to you soon. Muahhugs.
    Dhemz said...
    hello Madam sis...great points here...hehhe...lagi is very helpful nowadays...hassle free...kaya lang may disadvantage din sa know what I mean?! the word radiation is a big impact...:) keep blogging!
    Cacai M. said...
    Yep Madam sis Dhemz, but still we manage to have this forced green of industrial world and to the evidence we still have peepz who live in longer years despite that disadvantage of health. Well, that's the consequence. For me, this time is still better. heheheh. Anyway, we have our own ideas and outlook or may I say how we want to live our lives, right? So everyone is entitled with their own wants and likes. hehehe, freewill 'ika nga. Some places in the world also don't have this kind of hi-tech stuffs and some prefers to have it so, they prefer to live in there. Most of the time technology and green (or environment) won't come together but peepz of concern areas (of work) finds a way how to get out of this prob. Hopefully, it will come with each other then. So then, have a pleasant day everyone and enjoy technology as to it's responsive idea in a good way! Everyone should be responsible enough guys, right? Muahhugs all.

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