March 23, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

This "25 Random Things About Me Tag" was gi
ven to me by Ate Cecile- the author of KITCHEN THE HEART OF OUR HOME. Ate Cecile is one of my elder sisters here in blogosphere world. I like her a lot 'coz she's such a very friendly person and knows how to treat a person by the way she writes. She wel come me warmly in this blogging world. Thanks Ate Cecile for including me in your list. So here now my 25 Random Things About Me:

(1) I love to mumble sometimes.

(2) I just speak my native language when I got pissed with someone who don't understand what am talking, in that I can voice out what I feel that I didn't hurt someone but I make sure also that he/she can't really understand my langua ge am using. (lol)

(3) I have lots of bestfriend 'coz in college I have a very close group of friends that we call ourselves "bestfriends" and also in every place am into I have best.

(4) Roman Catholic is my religion but I am not that very religious and devotional- it's just that I am used to and am happy when am in church. Am glad too that I understood my religion. It's uncomparable feeling being there. I j ust don't know but that's what I feel. Perhaps because I am a sinner like you (heheh).

(5) When I was still in the Phils. I went to masses ever
y Wednesday and Sunday. I got used in high school that every Wednesday we have to go church for novena of devotion to Mama Mary with all of the schoolmates and teachers.

(6) I also went to church here in Alhambra like when
am still in Phils.

(7) Got used with the shorten prayers at church, am glad in every long chairs there's a couple of bibles and guides 'coz they use here the longer ones.

(8) I am happy when people are happy.
(9) I have 2 small and 2 medium notebooks as well as tablet paper for my blogging.
(10) Friendly person I am.

(11) I respect everyone's decision and advises but in the end my decision will count for myself.

(12) I have my own round table desk with my notebooks, dict
ionaries, cds, pencils and pens (black and blues), and all the stuffs for school and blogging. Thanks to my hubby for having this one.

(13) Am an organized- person.

(14) I keep track of my soon-to-be schedules through writing.

(15) I write 1 to the last number of the things I wanna do and find the prioritized ones.

(16) I love my husband second to God.

(17) I treasure my friends.

(18) Am a person whom can be both homebuddy and adventurer.

(19) Have an out-going personality both physical and external.

(20) Before am so sensitive but now I already learn from it.

(21) Emotional at times especially when wat
chin g drama movies (lol).

(22) I look younger than my age.

(23) I use concealer for my eye.

(24) I have Spanish Dictionaries, tagalog, and english- 5 all.

(25) I wanna take up web designing on summer sem and hopefully next year will take my Master's degree. Transfer to UCLA. I hope I can pass all the requirements. Wish me luck. heheh.

And now am done with this random things. I wanna pass this tag to all peepz who wanna share their random things. I would be happy if I can see this tag to all my blogger friends who are in my blog roll, ec droppers, and cbox people. Come on share yours! Have a pleasant day to everyone here.

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  1. GAGAY said...
    Cacai M. said...
    ahah! you're the FC GAy! hehe.. I will post the image and linky love later.. muahhugs
    GAGAY said...
    oooooooooh! te..the linky love!??isn't it the blog link!?!? thought so...coz FCC members are usin' it :)

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