February 06, 2009

I got this tag from my friend and co-blogger Rechie of CHUCHIESHIDEAWAY eight(8) days ago already and it's just now that I post it here. Sorry Chie for it's just now that I post this. I appreciate for the 5 tags and awards you've given me. I will find time to post all of it. Thanks again. Anyway, this is the the following A to Z questions about me and definitely will tag on you later. So here it is:
A - Attached or Single? - Happily Married
B - Best Friend? - lots: my husband, Aquing and Jobert; Leorica, Bebe, Elsie(childhood); Rebemorzel(High School); college: my ex-bf, Lyn, Elaine, Evelyn, Cathy, Vizminda; Aurelyn C - Cake or pie? - cake (chocolate)
D - Day of choice? - Friday and Saturday
E - Essential item? - computer, cellphone, money
F - Favorite Color? - lavender
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - Gummy Bears
H - Hometown? - Camiguin
I - Indulgence? - Blogging
J - June or July? - July
K - Kids?- None
L - Life is not complete w/o - God, family and friends
M - Marriage date? - July 16
N - Number of magazine subscriptions - Zero
O - Orange or apple? - Apple
P - Phobias? - None
Q - Quotes? - "TOO MUCH IS BAD"
R - Reason to smile? - Life
S - Season of choice? - Spring
T - Tag People- VhingF, Shiela/Shydub, HeryRhey, Lisa, Lisgold , Scarletbreeze, Dorothyl, Khozinol , Crash, Cecile, Arya, Arnie, Donadz, Dhian, VR, Investa, Ghanielle, MV, Joops, Misty, Andy in the Country, and you!
U - Unknown fact about me - It's going to be forever unknown here in the blogosphere.. heheheh..
V - Vegetable? - kangkong
W - Worst habit? - farting (lol)
X - Xray or ultrasound? - X-ray
Y - Your favorite foods? - pizza
Z - Zodiac sign - Taurus


  1. vhingF said...
    I have all of that awards but I want to post it again as my one way of saying and appreciate to whom and where it came from.


    thanks again...
    Rechie said...
    thanks for grabbing this Tag sis....have fun blogging
    Cecile said...
    thanks for the tags/awards :-); have all these already, but will post it again for you ;-)

    take care!

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