February 28, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hey! let me expound the title, I guess there's something on your mind right now but it's not what I mean. Okey, here's my share. Actually it's not really me is the subject- it's my bus mate yesterday. We're not friends, just a mate and acquaintance- we even didn't talk with each other but it seems she likes to be seen and attracts an attention or maybe she just don't care who else watching and around her. So now, she sat and then minutes from it- she keeps biting her lips and touching it with her fingers. She's in hustle! Well, am not the person who look at what other people did but she faced on me, as in her face is in front of me. We're of two sets apart. She sat in a wheelchair area or in front- near the driver and I sat at the very first front next to the disabled and seniors area(anyone can sat in such area if no on wheelchair and seniors passengers) that's why I can see clearly what she does. And again, I do not intend to look at her but she faced in front of me with the whole passengers that's why let me wondered what happened with her. And hola! It's a dry lip resulting from a cold weather that everyone is experiencing especially here that it's still winter time. And this could also happen when it's too hot. So, too cold and too hot- we experience dry lips that you wanna keep on biting and touching it to get rid of the dry skin. But you know, her lip(only lower lip she keeps on) got bloody because she kept on biting and touching it until it bleeded. I want to tell her something but it's too late- it's bleeding already. She then got her handkerchief and cover it to stop the bleed.
I wanted to tell her that she don't have to do it- just be it until she can get a lip sheener(or some called it lip shiner), lip balm, little amount of petroleum jelly, snowbear, or anything that can moisten her lips but am skeptical and doubt if she would listen to me. Well then everyone has an own idea, decision and perception. One thing also is if you really want to do it, don't let the crowd watching you(it's embarrassing for me). And if you really want to do it in front of the crowd- then fine do it. In the end, what counts is either you know it or not and it's your thought of the situation for we have all the right to do with ourselves of what we wanna do and it reflects to what we are, right? Have a nice weekend all! (~_~)

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  1. dhemz said...
    wahahha...abi nako ug unsa...hehhee...mao bitaw nga naay baligya nga lip bap....hehhe.....ako sad usahay mag crack akong lips...pero mawa raman sad ....hehhe...bisan d gamit sa lip balm...hehhehe!

    Thanks for sharing the story MAdam
    Cacai_Nad said...
    That's good Dhemz, if ever don't touch or do anything with the help of your hands to get rid of it while it's cracking, just put anything to soften and it will go away... o dba? So then, thanks for dropping-by Madam.. Muahhhugs!
    ice said...
    Nice blog!
    yeokeehui@gmail.com said...
    It is not easy to help someone in a public place. If everyone walks with a smile or learn to acknowledge each other's present, the atmosphere to help is there. Maybe it's high time we start first.
    Mariuca said...
    Cacai, thank you very much for visiting my site, have a lovely Monday sweetie! :):):)
    Monica said...
    Hi Cacai! I can't live without lip balm :-D
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Hello Kuya Yeokee, yep you're right and besides she didn't smile at me, or even say hi, so that's it. It's just that something strange to me, and I don't want my friends will do what she did that's why I shared it here. Have a nice day commenters.. Thank you soo much. Muahhugs all!
    vhingF said...
    or maybe this girl wants an attention from the driver.hehehehe
    she's in need bleedingly...hahahaha.poor girl.

    Dhemz said...
    hoi madam..salamt kaayo for featuring me...this very new...nice idea...great job! thanks a lot madam...hehhehe....:) maulaw man sad ta uy! hehhehe...:)

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