October 23, 2010

It is food trip Friday time, how is everyone doing? Are you full yet? Here is my share for this time.

It is  a package of beef bar-b-q ribs with its sauce, potato salad and a yummy cupcake from LA Lunch Stop (nope, I am not being sponsored on this as usual and if ever being one, I would give my honest opinion(s) as always). Oops, do I sound plugging-in my DH favorite foodie place? Nope, I have to tell. And so, is  it that because  that foodie center where he used to buy is on his building's workplace? Well, actually they won't be forced if they don't like to get their foods there because there are many food centers, restaurants or fast food chains around their workplace but then he prefers most to get his food there especially this barbecue beef ribs. He once told me the name of the guy who cooked it, well, they already knew each other as being "suki" or loyal customer. I remembered as I was just still so new here in our place now, he ordered "to go" at Tony Roma's and it also tastes so good. Guess, what he did not quiet remembered we went there. And every time we passed that restaurant, I always  told him. :-) Does that meant he likes more on his workplace foodie center than the latter? I do not know but one thing I know is he likes barbecue ribs and he always order it at the former or in Pasadena (I just forgot the name of the resto).
And so this is my share. DH bought two (apparently one package for me and his). Mine, paired with sprite and his, paired with his now-favorited drink lemon-tea in a can. 

Have a happy food trip!


  1. SassyChick said...
    Oy,kalami ana sis Cai...naa pay bukog nabilin dha?....ahehe
    ☺lani☺ said...
    This one is yummy :)
    FoodTripFriday said...
    Yummy beef Ribs!!!
    Cheerful said...
    wow, sarap naman po! kakagutom! :) happy sunday!
    great_lights said...
    nakakagutom naman to

    Newlyweds said...
    oh cacai, id love to have that, love bbq! waahhh
    Dhemz said...
    wow! kalami kau ana madam sis...galaway nuon ko ug tan-aw da...ehehehe!

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