August 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

This was my dinner lately--tamale. This is a Mexican/Spanish cuisine. It's of great taste paired with crackers but I paired it with rice.(~_~) By the way, it is made up of ground pork and spices. And nope, I did not cook this one. Hubby bought it.. How about you, do you like tamale? What's your dinner lately? Have fun eating folks!


  1. Secondary Roads said...
    Tamales y chilis now that sounds good! There is an award for you today on Secondary Roads.
    -- Chuck
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks Chuck! I will go ahead now..
    Let's eat! (~_~)
    maxivelasco said...
    hmm. i haven't tasted one yet cai and honestly, it's my first time to hear about tamale through your blog.

    i do love mexican food and will surely look into tamale one day and taste it.

    thanks for the post 'cai! hugs!
    shydub said...
    Mura ka hang ba ani imu sud an cai, hilig d i ka ug chilis no. imu na giparesan ug rice? mura dili magsilbi nku kung cracker ra ana, usa ka bandihado ngarice jd ako ipares ana. Mamasol sa ko dri sa imu kablogan ko. kinsa si Juliahehehehe na intriga ko lol
    Rosa said...
    mukhang masarap yan ha.
    Dhemz said...
    agi ko dire kadyot madam sis..karon lang ko kamata...was busy lately....gabie nami nakauli sa wedding...balk rako unya...just came by to say hi...babosh!
    hopeful said...
    Hallo Cai, kron pa jud ko kdungog ana nga food. patilawa kuno ta ana be pra kbalo ko unsa lami.

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