April 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Having a weight of 109 lbs with a height of 5'1 is not bad to look at. It is just that it needs to do body exercises to maintain it to blow the confidence of oneself. But when you talk about 200 lbs with same height and more than that, well, I guess it needs diet to loosen some of the excess. Do many sports activities like kickboxing and alike, go to the gym to have it, and a lot of trying to do to get rid of it or maybe some just like the way they are - an obese. I remember one of my close first cousin is one of them. I bet she is about 200 lbs. She said she cannot get rid of eating because many foods in the table! And also it is because of their hereditary family body. When a woman become a mother too or should I say after they give birth to their child increases the appetite of eating and mostly turn to fat one but not all. It's all especially if the baby is on breast-feeding because the mommy should eat to give milk and nutrients to the baby. And after the baby is on a good age and any other mommy wants then to get in shape. So then, maybe you could try appetite suppressants in supplement of the exercises you are about to do or does the body fat reducing if you want not the lipo suction method which seldom mommies cannot afford to have or simply because they want a traditional method to lose weight .It is good to have a back-up. So then, consult the your doctor before doing any exercises huh? Have a healthy dieting folks! Health is Wealth!

Thank You FIRST COMMENTER: kittykat


  1. kittykat said...

    Pagtumatanda ka mas mahirap na mag loss ng weight
    Rekomendasi Saham said...
    Nice Blog.. bro..
    umeko said...
    thnks cacai, fot information about diet.
    i like it
    Beng said...
    wow..ang payat mo pala...kainggit ka...

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