February 06, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.
I got this award three(3) days ago by my new friend in blogosphere
Joops of his site- www.sailorsmusings.com . It says that if someone given this award as we can see too, it means that such person/s are passionate or makes blog as their passion. They're passionate enough in all that they does. Wheewww... I am one of them! (~_~). To Joops and all who believes that I am deserving of this award, a big Thanks!

And now am giving this award to passionate bloggers in the world, namely:
Dhemz/Demcy, Rechie, Vhing F, Shiela, HeryRhey, Lisa, Lisgold, Scarletbreeze, Dorothyl, Khozinol, Crash, Cecile, Arya, Arnie, Donadz, Dhian, VR, Investa, Ghanielle, MV, Joops, and Misty. Claim this now fellas.. you're deserving of this award.

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  1. Rechie said...
    Sister..thanks for this award ha..hehehe...you really know i am so much inlove with blogging...i posted this tomorrow blog already, check it out.
    zacky said...
    congrulation.. to be success
    Maria said...
    You have a lot of tags girl. your friend must love you so much. Take care.
    shydub said...
    You have such a nice blog girl thats why you get a bunch of award, sana we can convert all that to money huh lol, kidding aside thanks for the award and tag.ill post them later. have a nice day!
    Cecile said...
    I'll add our name on the post,ha meron na kasi ako nito eh, salamat and have a nice day, dear!
    Lisa said...
    Thanks a lot Cacai of this tag..
    have a great day
    Lisa said...
    Thanks a lot Cacai of this tag..
    have a great day
    strawberry said...
    what this award means, and who gave for u...I too need a awrd my dear friend

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