The BumbleBee Smart Store - Montessori and Pikler toys for toddlers

Everyone wants their children to develop effectively in both directions, both physically and intellectually. If you want this to happen in an exciting way for your child, you might buy a special Montessori toy. There are different types of toys available for you to choose from, which can help young children through play to gain useful knowledge about the world around them and also develop their physical abilities using Pikler toys. Among the existing toy models, there are some special ones:

  • Sensory walls;

  • Pikler triangle;

  • Climbing furniture.

The bumblebeesmart provides toys which are easy to use: fold and assemble. Such toys are ideal for installation in children's rooms and are also easy to take with you to the village and thus make your child's activities pleasant and productive. These toys have the potential to attract the child for a long time and give you some free time for urgent tasks. If you need money to buy the toys you can easily get loan up to $255 from with same day deposit.

What does Climbing Furniture include?

This type of educational toys may consist of a large number of elements necessary for the full development of a child's physical abilities. Among the main parts are:

  • Big and small Ladders;

  • Boxes of different sizes;

  • Ramps;

  • Cubes equipped with crossbars etc.

All parts can be combined and thus create a unique design for fun and beneficial entertainment. These toys are especially good at developing children's motor skills and movement coordination. This simulator also teaches how to move around obstacles of different types. Pikler triangle, one of the most popular toys. By playing with it, your child will learn to stand firmly on their feet and walk with confidence.

Playing with Sensory Wall

This type of toy is particularly interesting for children who prefer to be less active. Sensory walls are ideal for different ages. They can be fastened to the wall and placed on the floor. Different elements are mounted on the board in the form of:

  • Buttons in different sizes;

  • Shoelaces;

  • Latches;

  • Colour Switches, etc.

This will help your child to understand the differences in the surfaces with which they interact, the purpose of elementary devices and how they work.

Quality of "BumbleBee Smart" toys

“BumbleBee Smart” toys are produced under strict quality control. Only high quality and safe materials that are incapable of harming human health and the environment are used in their manufacturing. "BumbleBee Smart" is a small family business. Each toy is manufactured with great care and attention to detail.

No third parties are involved in the production process and as a result, the materials used in the production always meet the specified standards. Design is one of the most important advantages of this brand's products. The products are made in a way that ensures maximum safety and a high degree of informativeness, making the playing process exciting and educational.

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