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These days, a great number of people are willing to earn big money by making deals on the stock exchange. Perhaps, you are also one of those dreaming to gain financial independence this way. Before you try cooperating with the EXANTE broker, you are welcome to learn a couple of basic facts about the stock exchange.

The stock exchange can be defined as an electronic system for trading securities. Both sellers and buyers come up with their applications to the stock exchange. However, they don’t need to visit any physical place because all transactions are conducted online. The stock exchange automatically checks the entire flow of applications for compliance with each other, and if there are counter orders that can be satisfied, a transaction automatically occurs and the shares are transferred from the seller’s property to the buyer's one.

Can an individual trade on the stock exchange?

Yes, but he can do it only through an intermediary. That’s a brokerage company that keeps records of transactions and, when necessary, pays income tax. The broker's mediation has no effect on the time of transactions and market orders appear on the stock exchange a couple of seconds after they are made.

How much money do I need to trade on the stock exchange?

In fact, there are no restrictions. You can start with a fairly small deposit. However, some brokers do not want to deal with small deposits and impose restrictions on such accounts or increase a commission for small turns.

EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko focuses on experienced traders who can afford a relatively large deposit. So, if you decide to work with this broker, get ready to deposit 10,000 euros. Perhaps, you may not find it affordable but with this amount, you can potentially learn more.

You can’t do without a broker

A broker is a company that provides access to the stock exchange. It keeps records of clients’ transactions, pays income tax. In addition, the broker can lend money to the client in real time (margin lending). It also provides analytics, information feeds, and other services. For all of this, the broker charges a commission. EXANTE started by Anatoly Knyazev charges quite affordable fees.

How to choose a broker?

First of all, you need to decide on your own preferences. What is important for you in stock trading? Moreover, you should take into account the following nuances:

· The broker’s commission: It’s a percentage of turnover, ranging from 0.04% to 0.1%. If you are going to invest for a long time and do not plan to actively manage the position, the commission will not be so important. Otherwise, you need to pay attention to it, since with active trading, the cost of the commission can eat up a significant share of your profit. Some brokers may also charge a fee for using a trading terminal or for custody services. For a small deposit, these costs may be too high in percentage terms. So, it makes sense to find a broker who takes a commission only from turnover. If you stick with the EXANTE broker, you won’t be ripped off by too many fees. As we said above, the only significant expenditure of yours would be a fairly large trading deposit.

· A minimum deposit: Sometimes brokers do not want to deal with too many small accounts and limit the amount of the deposit. However, not all brokers have such restrictions.

· A list of margin securities: Not all papers can be leveraged, and, accordingly, not all papers can be sold without coverage. As a rule, these are some of the most reliable and liquid stocks. The list of such securities can be different at different brokers.

· Leverage: It can vary from 1: 2 to 1:10.

· A trading terminal: This special program to make transactions is provided by the broker. There are a lot of trading terminals, and not all of them are equally convenient and reliable. If you try a trading platform provided by the EXANTE brokerage company, you will not be disappointed. The company developed this program on its own. Due to the availability of the Drag-n-Drop feature, it’s very easy to customize by placing panels and windows at any place.

You can look for brokers online. What’s more, it’s even possible to make this search in a trading terminal – just choose a broker from the offered list in the program.

The EXANTE broker is a reliable company that meets all the regulations of the SEC watchdog.

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