February 25, 2017

Yes, as I checked my email it said I can still renew my MJBM (My Journey Being a Mommy) blog even if it was already days that had been expired. As I can remember, it had been already three (3) years that I kept renewing such domain as I still had the urge that one day I'll be back actively in the blogland. I actually tried to log-in to renew it but forgot my username of my MJBM blog to which in the back of my mind, it says why can't it be renewed or one for all accounts so it's  not that hard to log-in if in case you forgot the username or password. Ha! And that I have to check why it was not automatic renewed again. Ah! Alright, I already went up and beyond as usual but decided to just let it go. So there you are, my blog's domain of myjourney-being-mommy(.)com with its name: My Journey Being a Mommy is not alive in the Internet anymore. I could have put it on blogspot but I do not have thinking on my mind right now. I just hide in my dashboard. It is some kind of hassle of my mind right now, somehow. Ha!

I also gave-up a year ago my other blog "TIR" (or its blog name:Thoughts, Ideas and Resources) with its domain name: www.thoughts-ideas-resources(.com). I cannot keep up anymore so, I just let it go too.

So just to let you know that those two (2) domains are not associated with my name anymore.

~ Cacai M.~

September 29, 2015

From this side of the world, Los Angeles California with a Pacific Time, time check: 3:24 PM as I began to type and we are about to go for a blood draw, but all I gonna say is "Happy Tuesday!". However you are feeling right now as being happy, sad, frustrated, furious, or what, remember to just slip it away. It won't be forever. Yeah, you bet it is easier than done, but free up yourself. Being angry doesn't help, but being abused not either! I always go for peace, but inner peace is better! You just gonna exercise that confidence and stand up for yourself. If you can't, then accept the fact, hey don't give up yet! Alright, what I have been talking about is just to uplift everyone reading this or how you gonna use this as long as it is for good, I'm all for that! Hey, yeah! And so, have a great day! Let's just  be optimistic as well as being realistic, okay?! Thanks and I'll see ya soon.. For now, I'll just have to get ready going to my other journey, appointment or something like that. It is for the health, so I have to go. Bye for now! Smile. ^__^ (time check: 3:33 PM)

This was taken about two weeks after my birthday this year. This was at Los Angeles County Arboretum. I love how serene the place is, with birds, peacock and maybe insects (although I haven't seen one) thinking about hectares of flowers/gardens. This place also has small fountain, big swimming pool and other one in its other side. Although, I doubt the the two swimming pools are good for swimming but just for decoration, geese also are there, but the good thing is it is not that dirty as you think, thinking about lots of geese swimming and such. It has a lot of areas and a lot to do for trekking at the same looking at the wonderful plants and some gentle animals, those creations! Two hours wasn't enough. One advise I can give is to go there first thing in the morning so you can enjoy your fee, ha! Okay, so you can enjoy as much as you like or better yet, go there one area at a time. It's great for picture-taking! :-) There's an area (where a big decoration pool is located), is usually being used when having a concert and such. It is large enough to accommodate lots of folks! There's an area where the white house is located which is being used when there are events as well, actually there are many big areas one can use if thinking of hosting an event. Great, isn't it? Ah, serenity, nature, those flowers, cacti and alike!

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May 13, 2014

In case you are wondering that you may see me in your FEDJIT. In case you think why I did not leave a message, comment or such. Just in case. I just want to let you know that I am updating my BFF Links in here.

Now you know, or so. :-) Just sad to say that some are already too busy to let me know that they did not renew their domains anymore or just to let me know that they can't have it anymore for whatever reason. Or maybe that's just the way they are. Okay, just kidding. Enough of the drama. :-)

Have a great day/night everyone! I hope life is treating everyone fairly well. Smile. :-)

May 06, 2014

Whew! It has been long time having been here!

How's everything, how's everybody? I hope everyone's treating you fairly! As to my end, nothing much, just my birthday the day before this day. Mayo Cinco, eh? Yep, together I celebrate such commemoration!

So how was it?

I don't really had a blast, but all went fairly well. My DH (Dear Husband) is a home-buddy type of person, as in he likes to stay at home 90% (if not 100%) and it's a little "really" thing 'coz you know, it's some kind of a boring thing, but then, that's what he is. Though, he is like that, he still goes out sometimes or should I say drives me and our daughter to somewhere, well it's only sometimes 'coz there are many appointments during the last day of the week for either one of the three of us or for all of us. You don't want to imagine. That's how hectic our schedule is. Also, I could not remember we traveled together for a week or two-weeks vacation. He use some of the hours in a day to have an important appointment, so it is still totaled into full vacation of two-weeks in a year or so, only that it is being spent through getting hours to hours for as I said important appointments. It is some kind of kinda weird but we are saving it for the future, or the money that could be spent for such just has to be saved, or something like that. We are not an extravagant little family. And we're hoping that one day we could spend it the way we deserve. Okay, so much for that. I will be crying if I could go on and on. Whew! And so I can only wish for a site-seeing for famous attractions nearby to which I was not able to enjoy of about five years of stay here in USA with my husband. I don't like to complain.

And so, a day before my natal was a plan to go to Aquarium of the Pacific and yes, hubby is okay for that as I said a birthday treat as a family. Wink. Wink. And I can only be excited. That day will be Sunday, a weekend. So we have to be there at opening time @ 9:00 - 10:00 A.M. to bet the crowds. That's the plan. And I did plan too of what to bring, prepare, and these and those. Night came. And you bet, our princess was not able to sleep early or, sleep @ 7 P.M. and woke-up @ 11 P.M. then up until 2 A.M. Whew! And yes, I was so tired to wake-up early and I was thinking of our princess. So we slept what our body needs. And decided to go to Huntington Botanical Garden and there we go but they're only up to 4:30 P.M. And we left at home 3:00 PM,hubby drove. "is it worth it? " -- that's what was on our mind in the middle of the road going to Huntington BG. And we talked about it. And suddenly I just said, "we will just go to Rose Garden" in Exposition Park in Los Angeles as hubby suggested as he knows the place and he used to go there as it is near where he live when he was a child until high school. As it's already late and we could not enjoy fully the HBG (to think its entrance is $23 each, though free for child and parking) but Rose Garden is free and up until 6:00 P.M., just pay for $10 parking. And hubby thinks that I enjoy roses very much. Just as we were about to turn to San Marino (it's already near the HBG), hubby turned the wheel on to Rose Garden, just was we decided. Yay! Off we went. Hubby started to talk about his used-to-be life whilst in the Exposition Park and told me what are those big buildings are, and these and those. It was great listening and talking to him!

Yes, Rose Garden in Exposition Park is fantastic! It has 145 varieties of roses. I enjoyed looking at the beds and bushes of beautiful fantastic roses. Then I remember the classic story of a fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast where a place of amazing beautiful roses can only be found. And I don't know if there's a place that you can compare of it. Sure enough, I so enjoyed it there. And the moment we found the area to rest to which it is one of the white-painted beautiful rest house inside the Rose Garden. The moment we rested, I then grabbed a corn-in-a-cob and the "suman" that I brought. I got cold drink. The two (my hubby and about-3-yrs old daughter) didn't want anything but me, so off they enjoyed gazing each other in the walking area of the roses' bushes. I got the chance to capture some great memories of them whilst munching on. Then I was done eating. Getting ready to explore the whole garden. Hubby was tired driving and gazing each other (with my daughter), to which he enjoyed. He stayed with the stroller in the big fountain where it is located in the middle. Just so you know, we stayed in the farthest side, so he still was able to enjoy the half-way, although he used to enjoy it (as I said when he was a child until high school). The little lady and I tour around the garden and take pics, running after each other, laugh out loud and even lying the cool clean grasses. Just pure laugh. And the little miss kept saying "hi" to people she saw whilst they look at her. She's my friendly little bug and I can't be more proud. Smile. And ooh did I say that some big birds flying and did its sound. And I got a shot of such! Sounds cool, isn't it? Yeps, it was great surrounded with beautiful 145 varieties of blooming bushes of roses. We wanna go back there next spring!

On my very day, the husband handed me a beautiful big birthday card (with bucks of course. he he he!) with a meaningful and wonderful message, just what I want. :-) A happy birthday, indeed!

(Some pictures in the Rose Garden to be uploaded soon)

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